Dōsei jidai di Kamimura Kazuo

novità editoriale - luglio 2019

Paolo La Marca, “Dōsei jidai di Kamimura Kazuo: una semiotica dell’immagine tra cinema, fumetto e realtà”, Quaderni di Semantica, vol. V, 2019, pp. 613-638. (ISSN: 0393-1226)
The purpose of this article is to analyse the social and cultural impact of Dōsei jidai (The age of cohabitation). This manga was written by Kamimura Kazuo (1940-1986) and published between 1972 and 1973 in the magazine Weekly Manga Action. After examining the genesis and structure of this work and identifying the possible influences related to the world of cinema and comics, an attempt of analysis will be conducted on the concept of cohabitation in Japan in the 1970s.