Prospettive diafasiche nella sottotitolazione giapponeseitaliano

novità editoriale - luglio 2019

Francesco Vitucci, “Prospettive diafasiche nella sottotitolazione giapponeseitaliano del lungometraggio Sayōnara keikoku di Ōmori Tatsushi”, Quaderni di Semantica, vol. V, 2019, pp. 593-612

The transfer of a sociocultural universe of a given prototext within a new subtitled context requires a systemic analysis that takes into consideration not only the needs of the linguistic pair, but also the micro-context and polysemiotic analysis of the audiovisual text. This study presents the analysis of a small corpus of interlinguistic subtitles for the Japanese movie Sayōnara keikoku (Ōmori Tatsushi, 2013) produced by the students of an advanced training course in audiovisual translation with a special focus on the rendition of diaphasic elements in Italian.