Being young in ageing societies – Japan and Europe

Venezia, 12 e 13 novembre 2015

Ageing societies face many problems as they affect economy, welfare, social cohesion, education, and, on an international plane, competitiveness, exchange and relations vis-à-vis other countries. This massive change in the demographic composition has been triggered by longer life expectancies and a decline of birthrates.Japan and Europe are leading these trends.Research on social ageing has often focused on aspects of welfare, economy and on the older generations. Building on this research, we are placing the focus with this symposium on the young generation in ageing societies. In doing so, we focus on two aspects (1) formative events of theyoung generation in Japan and Europe in relation to their (2) cultural reactions and expressions.
This symposium will explore the interrelation between these two issues. In order to do so, the
symposium is comparative as well as multidisciplinary.

Università Ca' Foscari Venezia - Aula Magna Ca' Dolfin

(Evento patrocinato da Japan Foundation)

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