Failla Donatella, Collecting karamono kodō 唐物古銅 in Meiji Japan

novità editoriale - gennaio 2021
Failla Donatella, Collecting karamono kodō 唐物古銅 in Meiji Japan: Archaistic Chinese Bronzes in the Chiossone Museum, Genoa, Italy
[Proceedings of the International Conference] Asia Collections outside Asia: Questioning Artefacts, Cultures and Identities in the Museum’, eds Iside Carbone and Helen Wang, Perspectives,no. 1, 2021 (15 p.), Perspectives, issue no. 1, 2021
The figurative and decorative arts transmitted from China to Japan constituted a profoundly assimilated cultural wealth, that Japan transformed and ‘Japanized’ over the centuries.
Representing a privileged category of art collecting, the ‘things Chinese’ (karamono 唐物) were regarded in Japan as everlasting artistic examples and witnesses to the moral and spiritual excellence of China. Their aesthetics took deep root amongst the interpreters of taste from the XIV century up to the end of the Edo period (1600-1867), and opened the way to local interpretations and transformations.