Fanasca, Marta, When girls draw the sword

Novità editoriale -  marzo 2021
Fanasca, Marta, When girls draw the sword: Dansō, cross-dressing and gender subversion in Japanese shōjo manga,
Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture, Volume 6, Number 1, 1 March 2021, Intellect, pp. 3-18(16)
This article focuses on the representation of FtM crossdresser characters in Japanese shōjo manga. While these characters are seen as rebellious the narratives where they appear do not always fully explore this aspect. The aim of this article is to investigate the role of crossdresser heroines as a tool to reinforce the patriarchal status quo and as a different gender embodiment outside stereotyped femininity. I argue that the possibility for those characters to occupy powerful positions is related to possessing masculinity, symbolized by the sword.