Francesco Vitucci - (Re)inventing the genre

Novità editoriale - settembre 2021
Francesco Vitucci, (Re)inventing the genre: the translation of the onē kotoba idiolect in the Japanese-Italian subtitling in Gender issues Translating and mediating languages, cultures and societies (edited by Stefania Maci and Eleonora Federici), 2021, Peter Lang, Bern, pp. 271-291.
ISBN:978-3-0343-4351-0. In LINGUISTIC INSIGHTS - ISSN:1424-8689 vol. 281
In the context of audiovisual studies, gender translation may disclose important clues about the way identity-related issues are perceived in a source and in a target language. Little, however, has been said about the thorny questions that arise when gender issues emerging from Japanese movies must be translated for non-English speaking target audiences.