Di Febo Aura, Mothers, Bodhisattvas and Women of Tomorrow

Novità editoriale - gennaio 2022
Di Febo Aura, Mothers, Bodhisattvas and Women of Tomorrow: Religiously Connotated Gender Roles in a Buddhist Vocational School in Japan, in The Routledge Handbook of Religion, Gender and Society, a cura di Caroline Starkey e Emma Tomalin, Routledge, London, 2022

The chapter focuses on the female vocational school Hōju, managed by the Japanese Buddhist group Risshō Kōseikai to investigate the role played by religious education in shaping gender roles. Hōju sought to nurture the values of compassion and docility through a combination of doctrinal teaching and experiential learning, reinforcing conservative ideals of femininity. The experience of students, however, could not be reduced to an interiorization of structures of subordination; through the acceptance of gender norms, they also gained agency over their self-development and social participation.

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