Paola Ghirotti, Chadō, Joan, Katsura Rikyū, [Archive] photos

Novità editoriale - luglio 2023
Paola Ghirotti, Chadō, Joan, Katsura Rikyū, [Archive] photos, Collana album 02 Giardino giapponese, Italiano ed inglese, luglio 2023, autoprodotto: unGiappone80 pagine: 64 a quattro colori su carta tatami white, 16 in bianco e neroISBN 979-12-210-3375-5
Chaniwa, tea gardenCha no yu, hot water for teaChashitsu, tea room.The thread of this new project about the Japanese garden it’s, for the first photobook, the tea ceremony.    The graphic project gives space to the images, in the last sixteenth in black and white you’ll find texts about Chado, Joan and Katsura Rikyu in Italian and English, following the picture’s caption sand the glossary.The slides has been shot with Hasselblad SWC and with Olympus Om1, on a Velvia 50 and 100 photo film and  Kodachrome 25
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